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Your Premier Dispensary for Safe, Healthy Cannabis in Central Oregon

Hello Guys and Gals. We are a dispensary for safe, medical and recreational marijuana in the state of Oregon. It is our goal to bring medical and recreational cannabis to patients, caregivers and for recreational use throughout the Bend area. We feel the best way to do this is through open and honest interactions with all of our customers to ensure they feel safe and comfortable within our dispensary. Our cannabis is high grade and undergoes strict testing for potency, mildew, pesticides, mold and parasites. Customers of our dispensary have come to expect only clean and safe medical marijuana in flower, edibles and extracts. We will settle for nothing less because we feel it is our duty to ensure your cannabis is always perfect. Located in the heart of Bend, Oregon on Brinson Blvd, Miracle Greens Dispensary is the absolute best venue for your marijuana, consumables, and other products.


Premium Medical and Recreational Cannabis

We provide cannabis products and top marijuana strains from top local growers. Our Sativa, Indica and Hybrid stains include Blue Dream, Lemon Sour Diesel, Granddaddy Banner, Kush and many more. 

Your Medical Needs… Or Recreational!

Miracle Greens is more than just another dispensary, it’s your dispensary. We manage our stock specifically to suit our customers’ individual medical or recreational needs, with specialty products and multiple varieties, catering to a wide range of tastes and requirements. With the largest selection of cannabis products in Bend and Central Oregon, you can select the right edibles, grow products, or topicals for you!

Our customers especially love the knowledge from our staff.


Marijuana, It’s Growing in Central Oregon

Medical Marijuana is a growing industry in America, and is supported by numerous medical studies and evidence from professionals in the healthcare industry. With increased recognition as a legitimate medicinal discipline, more and more patients are looking to cannabis as a solution for many disorders- including certain cancers, epilepsy, and others.